Sunday, 6 June 2010

Not a new image, I did this ages ago, but I haven't had a chance to do anything recently so it'll have to do for now, and it kind of sums up everything right now!


  1. Was a pleasure to meet you, good luck with everything :)

  2. i'm feeling a bit like that myself :/

    Love the illustration though!

  3. Great to meet you both, I have a link to send you later. I like your world of creatures very much!

  4. Aahhhh! Poor little guy...

  5. Does this mean you are alone and blue?
    Sometimes, that is when creativity really comes out.
    I hope all is well with you.

  6. Hi Cheryl and Audrey. I think this summarises my status at the moment, not too happy with all the work I suddenly have to do and no time to do any illustrations or much else. I'm ok though... but I'll be happy when I have my life back! Audrey: I think after this I'll have loads of new ideas that need to be expressed, so at least there's a positive aspect to this situation :-)

  7. Joe...
    TIME... We never have enough of it. I am in the same boat, as many of us are. We all have too much to deal with in these crazy busy lives of ours ~ and not enough time to relax and do the things we love. I have been waiting, believe it or not, for a couple of years now to find the time to take one full day and do nothing but paint. Art takes me away from all the noise of life and puts me in another dimension - alone in the quiet and free to create what my mind sees. I create in bits and pieces, here and there, and consequently don't get much done.
    Ahhhh.... someday.
    I hope you find the time you want and need, soon, Joe.
    Thanks for stopping by. It is always nice to see you.
    ♥ audrey

  8. Really nice Joe, you know his solitaryiness (new word in anglash language) brings out his 3dimensionality. It's good. Great how you have left the background around him unfinished. Really balances it up.

    Anyway, don't post any more stuff. You make us look bad.

    As far as Time? Life is always the same. There is never enough and one day it just stops.

    So spend your time like your cash - wisely.


    nice to see some work!

  9. Thanks Audrey! You are absolutely right. I wish I could have the time to draw and paint... Someday... I appreciate your kind comments and always enjoy visiting your blog!

    Andrew... it's been a while... thanks for your remarks too. How are you??? I can't wait to do new stuff, hopefully in the couple of weeks. Haven't even had a chance to look at many blogs these days, but I will stop by soon!!! I expect you've been up top your same old tricks (hopefully). C u...

  10. Truly adorable! Like her facial expression!

  11. Hi JooJoo, many thanks for your comment!

    Btw I will return to post new stuff on Ghost Blog at some stage!

  12. This is truly brilliant --you have a fantastic style, joe. Also, a defeinte desinger eye for layout, etc. Nicely positioned.