Thursday, 30 December 2010

More Summersdale book images


Northern Bald Ibis

Royal Albatross
These are 3 more black and white illustrations I did for the Summersdale book "Was Beethoven a Birdwatcher" by David Turner, due out in spring 2011.

A mention of the Northern Bald Ibis, a charismatic and endangered species holding on to survival thanks largely to the efforts of local and international conservationists in areas such as Morocco, Turkey and Syria. This wonderful species can hopefully see its numbers increase if efforts are co-ordinated across the different countries where the Ibises range. Please see their inspirational blog at , where you may also see a post which includes my Ibis drawing!


  1. Have absolutely loved this series of illustrations so far :)

  2. Thanks Claire, I'm glad you like them... Now I'm waiting to hear what I have to draw next!

  3. Wonderful series. It's good to know your talent is appreciated, ie, in having this assignment.

  4. Hello Joe. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.

    By the way, I really like your curious looking feathered creatures! The Northern Bald Ibis is especially 'distinguished'. :)

    See you around!

  5. Beautiful illustrations Joe. You look like you are really enjoying creating this series of drawings.
    I hope life is good and you are well. :-)

  6. Thanks. And thanks all for your nice comments, it's encouraging.

    Jo, I'm fine just busy! I haven't done much drawing recently but I hope to get back to that soon. I have been doing these bird images, though (20 in total), which were fun at the start but as the deadline approached became less fun! More on those later... Hope you're well too :-)

  7. Very nice drawings. I found them because I was working on this blog and the english version

  8. Thanks, Jorge, I enjoyed drawing this one and thanks for the link, I'm interested to see how well the recovery program for this species is going. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do more rare bird illustrations in the future.

    1. Jon, my a post a link to your blog from ours? Will include the Bald Ibis' drawing and your name, of course

  9. Yes, I'm happy for you to do this :-)

    The bald Ibis is such an amazing species, I hope the population can increase this year.

    Thank you and best wishes,