Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Birthday!

A Hedgehog, Flamingo and Puffin birthday card for my fiancee! Mail is best delivered in person :-)


  1. Best wishes for the Holiday to both of you.

  2. It's a lovely card, she will be delighted I'm sure

  3. and merry Christmas Joe, have a wonderful new year

  4. Thank you all! I really appreciate your high tolerance levels and patience as you comment regularly on ghost blog, it is very encouraging. I really will post proper new stuff in he New Year, not just chopped up old images and commissions! Merry Christmas!!

  5. delightful!! She's a lucky lady ;)

    Wishing you a mountain of merriment over the holidays!! Thanks for your visits. It's always nice to see you at the studio~


  6. LOVE this card, Joe. How sweet of you to make your fiancee a personal card. I'm sure she appreciates your talent.
    Thanks for the info on the ring-billed gull. It is nice when blog friends help out when we are in question about some things.
    I send you best wishes for the New Year, Joe!!
    ♥ audrey