Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Foxes' Dance

Of course the foxes and cats are invited, but other living creatures rarely get the chance to witness such an event (although they happen often, those who take part are shy and wait until they know they won't be seen by the likes of you and me).
This didn't end up quite how I'd originally planned it, it kind of took on a life of its own, but that is sometimes the way and sometimes it is better like that. I think I needed to create this one, because it was as if the elements therein had been waiting to be unleashed. The original idea, however, still remains in my mind waiting to be exorcised...


  1. This is great Joe! Your work is as swish as swish can be.

  2. Great work Joe! Mysterious feeling but also fun! Maybe it is lighting when you took photo but the part slightly white looks moonlight.

  3. Hya Joe, what a raucous lot of fun this is! Great spikes of house roofs contrast with the swirl of the dance...

    Thanks for the link to your flicker work. Absolutely amazing, looking forward to studying it more.

    as far as the photos, maybe you just need to play with the sharpness a tad, zap up the contrast a wee bit, and maybe slide the 'levels' button up and down.

    I had an old camera which could bracket exposures and that was great for reproducing artwork, so maybe just under or overexposing a few shots would help?

    plus setting the white balance?

    anyway, your art looks wonderful as it is.


  4. Hi Joe.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love taking photographs and I'm glad you like them. I like birds a lot and I notice birds in many of your drawings. I especially like your drawing on March 7th - Profile Picture. I must come visit you often.

  5. I'm totally caught up in the movement and festivities here! Perhaps they're celebrating the new scanner :)

    Thanks for your visit!

  6. Aahahahaha :D
    thats very funny!!!
    LOL can't stop laughing... so we're both silly yet goth-ic....hmmmmm, we're so cool, you know?

    you are awesome so is this piece!!!!!
    love it.

  7. Thanks for all your comments, they are really appreciated and they cheered me up a lot! All of you do amazing work in your own very different ways and I'm very happy to be able to see your blogs and talk with you. :-)

  8. wild, weird, wonderful party in the moonlight! looks like all are having fun. your creatures are great.

  9. like it...
    nice party in there :)

  10. I love the swirling design of those piece, it really captures the feeling of dance. I agree with Kazuko, it's fun and mysterious.

    Are you going to put all these together in a book later on?

  11. Thanks Cheryl, good to see you here. I hope life's treating you well! Yeah, that's basically the idea... and I'm just thinking about the layout of the book. After that I'm hoping to do illustrations for alternative children's books, or my own illustrated stories or something similar...

  12. Hay Joe,
    I love this illustration. Foxes and cats are my favourite little creatures. I like how they are dancing together and the movement in this illustration is wonderful. It's full of magic and charm!:-)
    Good to see you again.

  13. Hello Joe,

    thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    the comments run away and I forget to asnwer them and then there are too many ....


    Life is quick eh? Have you seen Illo2illo thingo?

    I thing (make that thing) it's a forum that might be worth joining. There are some great illustrators there. Stick your head in and look around when you get a chance to breath :)

    Just check out the slideshow on bottom left of the opening page. Some good stuff there.

    I really got to sit in the cupboard and lick some stamps I think

    see you

    andrew :)

  14. Hi Jo, thank you. Foxes and cats are always worth illustrating.

    I think your jewellery is really lovely and I can see that you like portraying creatures too...

    I hope to plan some different stuff soon, but I'm not sure quite when! Anyway, good to hear from you and see you soon!

    :-) J

  15. Hi Andrew.. it's weird cos before I saw there was a ghost comment but I couldn't see it on here... and now it's appeared out of the fog and here you are! At least you're getting lots of positive comments, which is a good kind of stress! But you post so often (which is a good thing) that you have only yourself to blame ;-)
    I'll check out the site, sounds good, thanks for the tip. Take it easy, see you soon. Joe

  16. hello,
    just stopping by to say hello.
    heheh, hope you're well!


  17. dont worry my little ghost friend, i keep visiting your blog to seek some ghosts.

  18. yes. no more little witch cos i just changed my profile blablabla. i am now a dangerous witch.

  19. and also a terrorist.

    be careful.


  20. Now let's try that again Heh :) for the third time! And making it politically correct!

    Hello Joe, :)

    Umm, there was a reason that I clicked comment. I forgot it.

    Ah yes :) I see you have 1796 looks at your profile (approx), soon 2000, soon the world?

    Be careful.

    Now you need to post more work.

    I am going to invent the KIP award. Which stand s for "Kick in The Pants'. I know, I know, it could have been KITP, but that's not so catchy.

    And I know I know that there is not enough time in the world.!!! Ugh.

    Anyway, hoping you are working hard.

    I must go for a surf, the surf is all time :)

    see you

  21. thank youuuuu!!!!! :D
    how are you?
    still busy with the webcam business???

    just noticed you like The Cure.
    my fave album: Disintegration!!!!!!!!!!!
    One of the greatest albums of the 1980s.... sighs.

    i want to let you know that you are now in My Forest.
    I kinda need ghost in my forest.
    you mind?

  22. Hey Joe,
    Where are you and how are you?
    I keep visiting here, to see if you have done a new post!

    I hope life is good.
    All the best.