Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hi, first of all apologies for neglecting Ghost Blog and not replying for a while, I've been a bit busy recently! I hope you'll understand and if you follow my posts here you'll probably realise by now that days and weeks can go by sometimes before I tend to my blog... I hope to be back posting stuff soon!

Secondly, if anyone's in London, I'm showing some images upstairs in the Greenwich Picturehouse cafe/bar from 1st April (yes, it had to be April Fool's Day) until the 30th April. If you feel like it, please feel free to come along and have a look. :-)


  1. ''Olá Amigo Joe Beale!
    Vim agradecer Por ter escolhido
    O Meu Blogs, Como hum Lugar
    Pouso para. Em suas andanças Pela
    blogosfera. Fico Muito feliz
    em recebe-lo Olha você no Quadro dos
    de Amigos dos Espaços my. Espero E
    Que semper POSSA encontrala por la
    e Que aja Assunto UM semper do Seu Interesse.
    E tambem parabenizar o Espaço Seu lindo!
    Tú dezenas incatadora pagina uma, Trabalhos com
    belismo de Muito Bom Gosto
    e requintes! Parabens Amigo!

    Um grande abraço! muitas gracias ...

  2. 1. it's ok i understand! anyway, ghost blog is always my fave blog :))

    2. oohhh, im sorry, i live in Tír na nÓg... but i can fly and stop by, dont worry! :D

    3. i'm following you twice :D lol hahahah, have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!

    ~little witch

  3. Ola Ademir! Good to meet you, I'm looking forward to checking out your blog properly. I am going to attempt to translate your comments but I think I get some of it already, gracias amigo!

    Lakhsmita, hello again, are you still practising flying your broomstick or are you now a fully qualified little witch :-) ?? I appreciate your kind comments about my humble blog. As you know, ghosts can be elusive. Have a nice day/night too!!!

  4. hahahah :D lol
    i know you want to return to drawing darker things... just dont forget to put some blood on it ok? :D

    real witch's blood!!!!!!!!!