Friday, 12 March 2010

School going home time isn't the preferred time of day for some...A quick sketch for no real reason! Btw I really will get a scanner soon, but for now it's these photos I'm afraid...


  1. jeez, this brings me way back to grwoing up in Boston. I love your characters!

  2. ugh, I meant "growing" up in Boston.
    I did do well in spelling, honest ;)

  3. Hehe, thanks... I suddenly got this image in my mind and did a quick watercolour. Sometimes it's better to be spontaneous or instinctive with illustration :-)

    This is going to be my last one for a while... I need to have a think about my work, sort out some things, and try out some new ideas before I get back to my blog...

  4. hello my talented ghost friend,
    oh yes you were quite right about this week's topic :D
    im thinking of ghost blog, hahah...

    are you obsessed with birds? :))
    because i am...

  5. ciao sono Michele di pianetatempolibero
    io ti seguo se ricambi mi fa piacere
    buona giornata

  6. Hello Joe, this reminds me of Dickens, for some reason, which is good! It has a classic mood about it... lots of interesting things going on, the tree and the crooked house add flavor

    cheers :)

  7. Very cute! The one sucking his thumb is adorable.

  8. Hello, thanks for all your comments, really appreciated as always and sorry for the very late reply... Hope to get back to the blog/normality soon! This one was just a quick impulsive sketch, but I kind of like the result so I may do more of these in the future. I hope you're all well and doing lots of creative stuff (more than me,at any rate!)...