Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas card and Creative Tuesdays

A design for a Christmas card, with local landmarks as a backdrop. Poor, neglected Ghost Blog :-)

I just added this to the Twelve days of Christmas theme for Creative Tuesdays:


  1. Hi Joe. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I like this Christmas card design a lot. The pear tree and the partridge are great and the idea of the background landmarks is a good one. I hope you go ahead with this idea.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Hi Audrey, thanks :-) Always nice to hear from you. I hope you're having a happy time and taking lots of wildlife photos!

  3. Hi Joe,
    Good to see you back again! ;-)
    I like the new Christmas card design. It's wonderful and different from the usual Xmas cards you see around. Good to see you have not used the traditional greens and reds as well.
    I'm very fond of the little fox. Is he waiting for the partridge to fall out of the tree? ;-)
    Have a great December!

  4. Hi Jo, thank you... Yeah I didn't want it to look too typical. The fox... I guess he's waiting to see what happens ;-) Hope you have a great December too and speak to you soon.

  5. Hi Joe! Lovely partridge there. :) I love the way the tree is glowing in the night! Read your profile and you had me at "interests include birds". I browsed through some past posts and love your style. The Owls of Britian were especially wonderful!

  6. Hi Joe...what a great Christmas card, and I love your clever is that!!!

    Happy New Year.

  7. Hi Joe my first time to visit you. I am trying to visit all the CT but will be back to look over your entire blogs. Love the art.

  8. Hi Betsy, Wanda and QMM! Thanks for stopping by, it's great to meet you and read your comments. I look forward to having a proper look at everyone's art tomorrow :-)

  9. Joe, I realise it's late tehre, back in UK, so you will catch up on board tomorrow, but let me do take the time to say, welcome to C.T!! how delightful to have you and what amazing art work you have. I love your sketchy style and of course this illustration with the Thames behind it. Ahh...Greenwich, no less! :)

    How, btw, did you hear about the co-op? TY for joining in. I hope you will continue. Thanks for follwing the guidelines first time too, to boot.

  10. Oh this is lovely, I really enjoy style. I will go and have a look at your blog now. :-)

  11. Hello Joe -
    Nice to meet you though Creative Tuesdays - I like the drawing - love the little animals below staring up at the partridge!
    great piece.
    - heather

  12. Joe, I wanted to say too how much i love that the pears are Christmas lights. Ingenious. Love it. TY.

  13. Hello, good to meet you all! Thank you for your friendly comments, I'm happy you like the image.

    MMm - glad to find a new art co-op style place! Kudos for getting the location as well :-)

    Nearly got the guidelines wrong but double-checked ;-)
    My wife found this through looking at Illustration Friday people's work and told me about it, that's how I found the site.

    I'm looking forward to checking everyone's work. As for me, hopefully I'll post for future topics reasonably often...