Monday, 13 December 2010

Apple day

A while ago just for fun I did this design for some Wild Apple Design stickers, and this is the result they just printed and sent through!
The top photo is exactly how the envelope looked when I got the pack of stickers through the post... some lovely Post Office person had thought it looked like cash or something similar and torn open the envelope to have a quick look, only to find an angry moustachioed apple glaring back. So blatant, but it did look quite amusing! And I'm sure most Post Office people would never do such a thing, it must just have been a bad apple... ok sorry...


  1. Hi Joe,
    Haha, that will teach the thieves at the post office! :-))
    These are fun stickers. If you had an Etsy shop with stickers and mugs, I would buy one of your owl mugs!
    I love the little rabbit on your profile. He would make a great badge for kids.
    Thanks again for all the info and we will keep in touch for sure. It is really good to know you Joe.
    All best wishes!
    Jo. ;-)

  2. Hi Jo,

    Thanks :-), I need to plan this sort of thing (selling Etsy wares) and then do it seriously!! I was thinking of making pin badges... I really like them and they are fun to collect in a geeky way, plus simple to make.

    It's great to meet a talented fellow illustrator and exchange ideas!! I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. x

  3. Just passing through, have to say, lovely illustration, I predict you will do well, seasons greetings...carry on

  4. Haha, thanks... have a great Christmas! :-)